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Chinese Medicine of Idaho

Spring Wind Dr. Shir's Liniment

Spring Wind Dr. Shir's Liniment

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Handed down for generations, this formula was passed on to us by the late Dr. Shi Neng-Yun. It is suitable for joints, tendons, ligaments and other areas where massage is impractical or contraindicated. This liniment can be applied to any stage of trauma, especially if pain is prominent. Excellent for jammed fingers or toes, or sprains and strains where the skin has not broken. Also, it is perfect for applying after a hot compress to treat second or third stage trauma and bi patterns.

External Use Only. 

Ethyl alcohol, Mastic, Myrrh, Drynaria, Turmeric, Asarum, Tangkuei, Zedoaria, Citrus peel, Rhubarb, Sichuan aconite, Aconite, Safflower, Pinellia, Rehmannia, Gardenia and Camphor.

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